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Genre: Documentary
Director: Edson Ramírez
Executive producer: Miroslav Blažević
Producer: Alfredo Sánchez
Cinematographer: Jorge Linares
Music Composer: Luka Zima
Editor: Edson Ramírez
Country: Croatia
Quality: FHD
Release: 2019

Miroslav Ćiro Blažević
Robert Prosinečki
Slaven Bilić
Igor Śtimac
Dario Šimić
Mario Stanić
Robert Jarni
Goran Vlaović
Aljoša Asanović
Goran Ivanišević
Dražen Ladić
Zvonimir Soldo
Krunoslav Jurćić
Branko Ivanković

The Croatian war of independence is narrated by the football players of the national team who won, in their first international competition as an autonomous country, the third place in the 1998 World Cup celebrated in France, and thus gave a war-stricken country the greatest achievement any Balkan team has obtained after the disintegration of former Yugoslavia.

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